Monday, April 26, 2010

Founder's Day with MS Alpha

Happy early Founder’s Day (March 28)!!! We had a wonderful Founder’s Day celebration this past Sunday. There was an array of alums in attendance(founding members-2005) with great stories to share. The pledge classes of 1966-1969 dedicated their room to Mrs. Kathryn Lewis. She was in total shock, awe, and completely honored. To finish the award ceremony off, Barbara Ross was awarded MS Alpha Alum of the Year! The chapter thanked her for her dedication, her willingness to ALWAYS help and support them, and for her time and commitment.

Another exciting event happened…. Geneva, MS Alpha current President, announced that MS Alpha has been ranked by Head Quarters this year. This is EXCITING NEWS!!!! This is the first time the chapter has been ranked since the system was put into place. There are three ranks…. Pi, Beta, and Phi level. We do not know which level the chapter received. Congratulations to MS Alpha for all of their hard work and thank you to all the alums who came out and supported the chapter.

Pi Phi Love,
Carrie Tilley

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