Sunday, May 9, 2010

T-Shirt Quilts--Made by MS Alpha!!!!

Need a Quilt???? Sylvia has you "covered"
I (Sylvia Blissett, MS Alpha Alumnae & member of Hattiesburg Alum Club) make one of a kind T-Shirt Quits in 2 sizes 78X78 ($400) and 90X90 ($450). You only provide the T-shirts either 12 or 16. Never cut your T-shirts. Let me do that work for you. I also quilt for the public. If you have a quilt top you need quilted. Price is determined by (1.) The size of the quilt. I charge 1 and 1/2 cents per square inch. for an over all design. If you want a "custom" quilted top, I will discuss with you what you are willing to pay. The starting price is 2 cents per square inch and increases as the design you want gets more complicated. You must provide the backing and the batting. This I can pick up for you but would, of course, be added to the price. Also, if you are going to provide the materials, I would need to discuss with you the appropriate size and fabric content. Plain quilt tops can come "alive" with good quilting. To check my work please check my pictures at in the search bar type in justsewsimple as one word. You can tell what are the t-shirt quilt and which are not. Please contact me if I can help you. I do quilts on a first come first serve basis. When you bring your needs to me I will get to them at my earliest opening, sometimes that is the next week sometimes it is several weeks depending on the number of quilts ahead of yours. If I can assist you, please call.

Sylvia Blissett
31 Magnolia Trace
Hattieburg, MS 39402
Just Sew Simple LLC

Southern Miss World Series Quilt that Sylvia made and donated to be auctioned for the dugout club. It brought $850 in the auction. Please note that on this quilt I drew out the logo and made it into a pattern to quilt.

Brittany's Pi Phi Quilt

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D Schmitz said...

Have your prices gone up with fabric prices rising? Do you use fabric from quilt shops or fabric from JoAnn's, etc... I am asking because I am trying to give a quote for doing one for a customer?